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Roomba Rumble

Designer  |  March–May 2021
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Roomba Rumble is a wacky arcade game about vacuuming your room with an input-delayed robot. The player must clean as much of the room as they can before the Roomba’s battery runs out. If they run into anything, their Roomba will go back to the start.

As a designer on Roomba Rumble, I...

  • Collaborated with Daniel Ochoa to develop all gameplay.
  • Designed and implemented all levels using art created by Popper Zhu.
  • Designed and programmed movement and cleaning to create a timing-based challenge that generates moments of "just missed it" failure and "barely made it" success.
  • Designed and developed a door mechanic to add a new challenge to the last level, requiring the player to decide how to split their time between two halves of the level.
  • Scripted the timer, scene management, and night mode.