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Marvel Strike Force

Systems Design Intern

Boundless Entertainment  |  May‚ÄďAugust 2020
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Marvel Strike Force is a live free-to-play mobile game in which players collect Marvel heroes and engage in turn-based battles in a variety of player vs player and player vs environment modes.

As a Systems Design Intern at Boundless Entertainment, I...

  • Worked remotely on systems design for a live free-to-play mobile combat RPG with a complex economy.
  • Designed difficulty tiers for the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Raid modes, scaling up the enemy stats of each encounter and the rewards gained from beating them with each tier to feel significant and fair while not exceeding constraints on difficulty and rewards.
  • Proposed prices for gear in multiple stores based on inflows and outflows of the relevant currencies, then revised based on feedback before finalizing for launch.
  • Designed gear drop rewards for the ISO-8 Campaign Mode, taking into account the current vs desired flows of gear items to enhance the balance of the entire game.
  • Created item tables for gacha Orbs, showing the items and drop rates, based on a desired average and maximum value of each Orb.
  • Analyzed large sets of player data in order to recommend updated reward tier thresholds for Blitz mode
  • Designed, pitched, and made UI mockups for new features