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Designer  |  May 2020–May 2021
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Leechbug is a real-time strategy combat game where players take on the role of the Leechbug, a robotic parasite in an alien seascape. Your home is under threat from a polluting force that is sapping the will of your fellow undersea denizens. Use your parasitic power of possession to control your fish friends, use their unique abilities synergistically to engage in combat, and reach the surface of the ocean to rescue your underwater world.

As a designer on Leechbug, I...

  • Designed and balanced RTS-style underwater combat and swarm-building systems.
  • Crafted an underwater movement system that allows players to move effectively in three dimensions while fighting.
  • Used playtest feedback to iterate on controls, visual feedback, and UI.

Take a look at an early combat design doc I wrote.