Kobi Saha

Kobi Saha


Game designer & prototyper focused on the intersection of game feel, systems, and UX
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Intern – Blaseball

The Game Band  |  March–August 2021

Collaborated remotely with a small indie team to create and maintain content and systems for a fast-paced live game that changes every week.

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Marvel Strike Force

Systems Design Intern – Marvel Strike Force

Boundless Entertainment  |  May–August 2020

Worked remotely on systems and UI, including pricing store items based on players’ inflows and outflows of resources, creating item drop tables, and creating UI mockups for new features.

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Designer  |  May 2020–May 2021

Combat and systems design for a 3D real-time strategy combat game where players take on the role of the Leechbug, a robotic parasite fighting to protect an alien seascape.

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Roomba Rumble

Roomba Rumble

Designer  |  March–May 2021

Design and gameplay programming of a wacky arcade game about vacuuming your room with an input-delayed robot.

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Designer  |  January 2021

Gameplay and level design, programming, and mentorship of novice developers on a Global Game Jam exploration and crafting game about reuniting lost artifacts to revive the magic of the land.

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Submarine Prototype

Untitled Submarine Game

October 2021–present

An experiment using an elevation map style to create depth in a top-down 2D ocean environment, with some floaty underwater movement.

Incremental Ice Cream Prototype

Salt & Straw Simulator

November 2021

An atrociously imbalanced attempt at making an incremental browser game where numbers don't always go up.

Crane Prototype

The Crane

March 2021

A physics challenge with no words or instructions.

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Potion Prototype

Potion Commotion

February 2021

A witchy potion-brewing prototype testing theme and game feel techniques for mouse-based input.

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